Helping families navigate the complex special education process


Intake consultation

Contact Tara via email or phone with your questions or concerns about your child's current program. Together, we can work out a plan to move forward. All initial intake calls and emails are free of charge.

IEP Team Meetings

Tara establishes a collaborative approach when meeting the members of the team.  As an educator, parent, and advocate, she has an in-depth understanding of the process.

Team Meeting Follow-up

 Tara will help you follow-up with the team after the meeting.  It is important to summarize the meeting in writing because from a legal standpoint, “If it is not in writing it was never said.” 

Documentation review

Tara will review the documentation in preparation for the Initial Meeting. With so many years of experience reading and writing reports, she is proficient in interpreting results and understanding the implications of scores.  Tara can also advise you on the right tests or progress monitoring tools to ask for so the team can monitor the effectiveness of the interventions. During the first planning meeting, to be in person or over the phone, we will begin prioritizing the issues and creating a plan for moving forward.

IEP Development

The IEP is a very complex document.  Tara will teach what to look for and which sections are most important to monitor.


When districts and parents cannot agree on the best programming for a student, mediation can be a very powerful tool. Tara can support you through this process as well.

Additional Services

Classroom Observation

Tara is an experienced program evaluator. With many years of teaching experience, she knows the aspects of a successful program and what strategies can be put in place to improve and individualize a student's classroom experience. 

In-home Support

Tara can provide you with strategies to end homework battles as well as advice on how to make the home a more educational environment-Naturally!

Parent Training

It is important for parents to be well informed of their educational rights and responsibility under state and federal regulations.  Tara can also teach you effective techniques for communication with the school personnel.