Helping families navigate the complex special education process

About Me


In addition to my work as an educational advocate and consultant, I am a full-time mother of 5 and a dedicated wife of 22 years.  My work as an advocate began when I finally secured an IEP for my oldest son after many years of trying.  I learned that the “average of the road learner” who does not have attentional issues or behavior problems are the ones that suffer the most.

I know the challenges of balancing work and family life, caring for loved ones, and parenting children of different needs and challenges. My family and mentors have taught me not to strive for perfection, but to work hard to overcome challenges and succeed at the life that you want, the goals you value.

Professional Experience

Tara has a Masters in Special Education from The University of Massachusetts and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication disorder from Queens College. She is a certified Special Education teacher, a Speech Therapy Assistant and a Reading teacher with over 20 years of small group and classroom teaching experience at all levels. 

Tara’s career began as a speech therapy assistant. While working with kids with language impairments in various public schools, Tara pursued her degree in special education at night. 

Tara discovered a passion for advocacy working with children with special needs.  Tasked with supporting a wide variety of ability levels in  inclusive programs in public schools as well as a substantially separate private school program, she understands the foundations of education and empowerment that are necessary for educational teams to work collaboratively. Tara has also administered and scored many of the standard formal assessment tools used by schools to determine eligibility for special education programs. Tara's expertise lies in diagnosing students with specific learning disabilities in reading and writing and creating remediation plans. Tara is trained in many of the reading programs that she recommends including LindaMood Bell and Wilson.  She also has a strong background in supporting students with ADD/ADHD, Executive Functioning Disorder, Emotional Impairments, Complex Childhood Trauma, Autism, Health Impairments, and Neurological Impairments.